Маргарита Закирова

22 июнь, 2019 3 299
Маргарита Закирова - персональный тренер Московского фитнесс клуба Megapolis, сертифицированный тренер профессиональной ассоциации тренеров FPA, в прошлом фитнесс трененер Казанского Alexfitness  innocent

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I'm a sincere and open hearted person. I suppose these are the features of my character that people like most of all. After the first set I felt myself confident and all sufficient. I like feeling like that. Generally I don't waste the time on doubts. I tend to act firmly. I think that is the reason why many people ask me advice. I wish people to be more steady and positive.

Margo G
Birthplace: Russian Federatation
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5'5"
Bust Size: small
Measurements: 35/24/35

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