Valentina Lequeux

20 ноябрь, 2019 2 733
Valentina Lequeux
Звезда инстаграма и фитнес инфлюенсер тренер Valentina Lequeux фотографировалась с голыми сиськами как минимум в трех разных фотосетах.

Raw, real, honest, goal-driven, goofy, caring and big promoter of the it’s time to MAN UP pill.
My name is Valentina Lequeux, born August 5th 1985. I’m a fitness influencer trainer, proud wife, an animal lover, a business woman and a loyal friend. 
Fitness has not always been a strong point in my life and I was not always as fit as I show on my social media platforms. I’ve built my body with the help of my husband, lots of research, studying, and plain old trial and error over the years. 
My dream started small. When I found people around me telling me I should become a model, they saw a potential in me that I did not see. I didn't find an appeal or a purpose in doing so, I felt like there needed to be a purpose to showcase my body to the world, and I was not sure what that purpose was at the time. It wasn't until I met my husband, Luis Palomeras, that I decided to become an influence to people of all ages. He believed I could impact the world with my experience of body image issues, people without knowledge or direction and people who seek advice and guidance in a healthy driven lifestyle. I want to show that a girl can be confident, sexy and strong just by believing in herself and working hard towards her goals.
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